“I’m tired of earning less than my male counterparts at jobs that I am equally, if not more, qualified for. I’m tired of being talked down to by male authority figures and being called “sweetie” in the workplace. I’m tired of unequal employment opportunities and the wage gap that prevails today. It’s unacceptable that I should earn less than a male coworker who has the same job title simply because of my gender. I’m tired of double standards and not getting the same respect by society because I’m a woman.

“I’m tired of Hollywood reflecting gender bias and magnifying it by creating more roles for actors than actresses when they could be making history by changing this dynamic. I hate seeing half naked and airbrushed women in magazines who are objectified and made to represent an unrealistic “norm” that is impossible to perpetuate. Of young girls idealizing a standard of beauty that doesn’t exist. As a teenager, I idolized beautiful models in magazines, pop stars, and actresses who were all alarmingly thin. I praised them for their body types, because our culture worshipped them. I became obsessed and battled an eating disorder, trying to achieve a standard of beauty that simply didn’t exist. I ate 500 calories a day to keep myself going, but to make sure I was perpetually losing weight.

“To this day, we set girls up at a young age for a life of disappointment and low self worth. We have overcome so many prejudices, yet we can’t seem to give women the same respect as men.”

A submission sent in to us at theimtiredproject@gmail.com.

Photo credit: Alexis Dickey
Editing credit: Harriet Evans

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