“No one walks into a violent relationship willingly. The aggressor tends to be very charming and while some seek help after displaying abusive tendencies, it doesn’t always take long before their old ways come back.

“In this day and age, domestic violence still happens at an alarming rate and walking away is not always a viable option. While help is out there, it can be as scary as the abuse inflicted. Sometimes victims need a friend that can just listen without saying “just leave him”, but to remind them that they are strong, to believe in themselves and, most of all, that someone loves them in a way that does not hurt; letting them know that they are not damaged goes a long way.

“Thankfully, I am no longer in that relationship. After 7 years, I was finally tired of not being treated as an equal and I’m no longer afraid to say it. I receive therapy though a place called ‘ACMI House’ – I am so thankful for those women, the program and the counselling.

“There are so many who suffer through domestic violence and cannot speak about it to anyone. This problem is not getting any better. As society changes, the abuse remains, with verbal abuse being just as harmful as the physical kind. I believe we must teach children sooner about the effects of bullying as abuse is a learned behaviour. We teach them about drugs, let’s teach them about spousal abuse.”

A submission sent in to us at theimtiredproject@gmail.com

Photo credit: Audrina Sciacca
Editing credit: Harriet Evans

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