“Would you ever date a white guy?

“Can you wash weave?

“Is being black more important than being a woman?

“When (mainly white) people ask me such questions about race and feminism, I often respond with some half thought out answer. Yet, I can see them listening; carefully, deeply, sinking into everything I say. As if I am a prophet or messiah.

“Well I’m sorry folks, today my energy is spent.

“I used it all trying to avoid the ‘angry black girl’ stereotype.

“I used it all trying to find motivation to study my white curriculum.

“I used it all reminding myself that eurocentric features are not the definition of beauty.

“I’m spent.

“So please, as a friend, understand that I don’t always have the time or the answers to inform you of the black female struggle, because I’m too busy living it.”

Photo credit: Harriet Evans and Oxford Skin Deep
Photo editing: Harriet Evans

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