“It’s really hard raising a daughter in this country today. I tell her she’s important, that she can do anything she wants to do, that girls are awesome and powerful and strong. And I constantly think about the day she starts to ask questions:
Why have all the presidents been men?
Why are men paid more money?
Why do men’s sports get more attention?
Why are women told what they can and can’t do with their bodies?
Why are women told not to walk alone?
Why are women underrepresented at the top of corporations and in boardrooms?
Where are all the women in Congress?
Why does everyone tell my Daddy to be fearful of when I start dating, but tell my Mommy, excitedly, that my brother will one day get all the girls?

“Obviously, a female President wouldn’t solve all society’s ills. But I’d love to be able to point to one and tell my daughter, “Look. She did it. She did it by being smart and kind and brave and strong. Hang in there. Nothing can hold you back.””

Photo credit: Robert Olsson
Editing credit: Robert Olsson

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