“I have always been naturally slim, never enough to be deemed clinically underweight, yet have heard this statement countless times; largely as just an offhand comment, sometimes as an insult, usually followed up with ‘eat more’, ‘go to the gym’, etc. Essentially I’m told that I need to change. And to me, what was initially just my genetics, and indeed something I was very content with, starts to become a source of insecurity. Why? Because I don’t fit a particular masculine image? I don’t understand it. You wouldn’t draw attention to an individual’s obesity, so in a similar vein, it is exhausting to repeatedly hear that I am ‘too skinny’.

“While I’m sure from this you could infer as to the wider misgivings of society, this doesn’t seek to comment on ‘skinny-shaming’, the supposed ‘crisis of masculinity’, or anything of the like. Rather, I quite simply wish to suggest that nobody, male or female, should be judged on their body.”

Photo credit: Harriet Evans
Editing: Ming Au

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