“My Dad always taught me and my sister that if we worked hard we could do anything that we wanted to do and nobody could stop us if we put our minds to it. Although he never specifically referred to gender, his words, now more than ever seem to resonate more strongly with me, due to the number of occasions where I have been dismissed due to my gender. This past year, the attention that the press and media have paid to women and their rights has been phenomenal, however there is still work to do. Time and time again, young girls and women are told that they can’t – the reason? Simply that they are not the ‘right’ gender. Girls grow up in a society which if they are not careful can teach them that they are a second class sex, this notion is ridiculous. Men and women need to work together, appreciate one another, and strive to teach the next generation that men and women are equal and deserve the same opportunities.”

Photo credit: Harriet Evans
Editing: Ming Au

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