“The difference between the income and ownership of capital of the richest and the poorest in our society is ever growing, but thanks to the efforts of our government and as the majority of our media is right wing, this problem is blamed on the most deprived sections of the population. The privilege some experience is to the detriment of the majority and this is either overlooked or invisible to people. Even the definition of poverty has been changed to imply it is caused solely by poor choices, not structural reasons. As social media allows more and more of our world to be able to communicate their opinion, I believe tools like these should be used to show that this problem is in fact being blamed on the wrong sector of our society. The elite minority of this country are more to blame for this issue than the poverty ridden underclass. It is quite unacceptable that inequality remains existing and increasing, but worse still that the victims of it should be held responsible for it.”

Photo credit: Harriet Evans
Editing: Ming Au

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