“For many, including myself, sports are an escape, a therapy, a means of creating lifelong friendships and enhancing our lives through the positivity synonymous with camaraderie, challenge and competition. Moreover, history has shown sport’s ability to transcend socio-political barriers worldwide by uniting millions. Unfortunately, personal experience and mainstream media portrayal still suggests that despite palpable progressive steps in society, the sporting world is lagging behind and proving a stubborn area of contention to overcome, especially at universities. It’s evident that numerous stereotypes still remain prevalent: stretching from race, class, gender, religion and sexuality, amongst others, the likes of which undeniably undermine sport’s unifying and betterment purposes. I hope that one day nobody at University shall be deterred from competing in sports or feel the need to conform in any way because of negative preconceptions or stereotypes.”

Photo credit: Harriet Evans
Editing: Ming Au

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