“Too often, I am told that I excel at something because of my race, or I did well at something because of my race. My talents and skills are constantly being degraded into things that are beyond my control, a matter of nature rather than nurture. The tendency of some to reduce my achievements to a mere by-product of my race undermines the level of sacrifice that I, and others around me, have invested into my upbringing. This is just one of the offences among a long list of tactless comments that are often heard (no I won’t ‘say something’ in my language, I’m not your fucking performing monkey).

“Because the stereotypes surrounding people from my ethnic background of ‘intelligent’ and ‘hardworking’ are not particularly negative, society seems to deem this particular brand of racism as acceptable. However, people should not underestimate the ability for this persistent subtle undermining to alienate as effectively as aggressive and overt racism.”

Photo credit: Harriet Evans
Editing: Ming Au

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