“Gender stereotypes and sexism have definitely improved. I’m so lucky to be living in a society where women are, generally speaking, subject to equal opportunities.

“However, underlying implicit stereotyping still occurs. When my father’s friends ask me about what I plan to do after university, their surprise at my plans and aspirations is genuinely quite offensive, often commenting ‘wow, that’s going to be a little difficult, isn’t it?’ or even, ‘what about your boyfriend in all of these plans?’ – I didn’t realise that I had to consider my boyfriend when thinking about my career. It’s almost as if relationships and marriage are still what women should ‘focus’ on, and that anything else will inevitably be ‘difficult’, especially if entering a male dominated profession, as I wish to enter. I think this shows that, although society has progressed (and this is something that we should not forget), we still have a way to go before we can finally celebrate equality.”

Photo credit: Ming Au
Editing: Ming Au

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