“The people in our world today that claim power and control seem to use the power of manipulation to control whomever they feel is weak.

“Pedophiles manipulate young children to believe what they’re doing to them physically, mentally, and sexually for their own pleasure is ‘okay’.

“Liars in relationships hold the other’s heart, love, and trust manipulate their ‘significant other’ for personal pleasure; whether it’s money, sex, or drugs and leave them emotionally hurt and often, self consciously damaged.

“Politicians manipulate the people, the voters, with false statements, personal attacks, character assassination attempts, and much more.

“Parents even manipulate their children to grow into racists and hate others for reasons, usually absurd.

“The media, misinforms and manipulates the viewers.

“Disgustingly, it affects everyone.

“The reality of this is devastating, mainly because those being manipulated do not realize it, and for those who do, it’s after it’s too late.

“This effects our human race, our world, our kids. The power of knowledge, the passion of thinking and researching must be re-introduced to this generation one way or another.

“Manipulation creates fear and control. It’s even worse when good manipulators are bad people. Follow your heart and don’t be afraid to think.”

Photo credit: Robert Olsson
Editing credit: Robert Olsson

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