“The ‘ideal body’ is an elusive thing. I am often plagued with doubts about my body; I think most young men and women are. I have had a fuller, curvier figure and been labelled fat. I have also been very thin and told I look ill and have been questioned as to whether I’m anorexic. There are always doubts, flaws, imperfections and many of these are put out there by society. A happy medium doesn’t seem to exist. Social media has for a long time been accused of encouraging such unrealistic ideals. Hashtags such as #thinspiration now come with an explicit content advisory warning on sites like Instagram. Only now are we seeming to recognise the very real dangers in promoting the “ideal body” as an unachievable goal. I am tired of a society that encourages me to feel uncomfortable in my own skin, that I will never meet the “ideal”, not even come close.”

Photo credit: Ming Au
Editing: Ming Au

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