“When I was twelve years old, I realised having body hair as a woman was ‘wrong’. I spent the next seven years meticulously making my body ‘right’.

“I now rarely shave a lot of my natural body hair, because I don’t want to. It helps me to feel like my body is mine, and I feel beautiful this way. Yet I am constantly told that I shouldn’t.

“Through pressure from the media and through everyday interaction, I am constantly, consistently, subtly (and sometimes not so subtly) told I must adhere to a sexist beauty standard which deems the natural state of the adult woman’s body unacceptable, even disgusting. Society is saturated with images and messages that tell me I should be ashamed of my choices, that tell me I do not have a choice at all but an obligation to meet these particular standards of attractiveness by removing my body hair. I am tired of feeling obligated. I am tired of succumbing to feelings of shame. I am tired of people treating my legs as a hilariously radical feminist statement. I am tired of this being a big deal.

“My choices about my body, as a woman and as a human being, should be the concern of nobody else but me.”

Photo credit: Ming Au
Editing: Ming Au

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