“I am a proud Christian. Yet, in today’s world, being a Christian often comes with the assumption that I am judgmental towards those of other Religions or non-believers.

“Me proclaiming that I am a Christian doesn’t mean I’m claiming to be absolutely perfect. To me, being a Christian means that I have stumbled, but I know God is with me; there to forgive me and lead me to the correct path for myself.

“But my Christianity is for myself, and about my own relationship with God. I will not judge you or anyone else for the paths they have chosen for themselves or the ways in which they identify. I’ve been through hardships. God got me through those, and in those times is when I start to understand others more, judge less, and become more compassionate to other’s situations.

“Proclaiming that I’m a Christian isn’t me proclaiming that I’m better than you or that I am strong. It is me proclaiming that I am a sinner, I am weak, and that God’s Grace has saved me. I can still crack dirty jokes, wear that little black dress or drink a little more than my share of wine. It’s impossible to be ‘sin free’.

“Please, before you think I’m judging you, get to know me and I will get to know you. I am a Christian, I don’t live in a box. I’m exposed to everything you are. We may have different beliefs, but we are both still human.”

Photo credit: Harriet Evans
Editing: Harriet Evans

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