“Gender is everywhere, constantly being shoved down our throats whether we want it or not. It’s there staring back at you from the lifeless figures on bathrooms; it’s there when menswear is on the second floor and womenswear is on the first; it’s there when people only greet the ladies and the gentlemen. These things are all totally unnecessary but have been ingrained into us as totally normal, so much so that we barely notice them let alone stop to question if this is the best way of doing things.

“This prolific gendering causes so many daily struggles for those who live outside of the gender binary. If you don’t know what these would be, just imagine if suddenly there were only gendered things for your opposite binary gender.

“What we are not asking for is the introduction of some ‘third’ gender; adding more gender isn’t the solution, and will still leave those who don’t identify with gender at all out in the cold. To move forward we need to start removing gender where it simply isn’t necessary, and slowly but surely these things are beginning to happen.

“It’s simply not enough for us to remove already existing gendered spaces, as more are being created all the time – we all need to play our part in recognising when gender is unnecessary so that we make society welcoming for all.”

Photo credit: Rowland Goodbody
Editing: Rowland Goodbody and Harriet Evans

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