“Often I hear from people – even my friends, who claim to be ‘accepting’ – that only a tiny percentage of the population is non-binary. Not only is this an insidious attempt to invalidate me and others like me, by trying to make us feel as though we are insignificant, it’s also just not a statistic that we have at the moment.

“It’s incredibly rare that I have to fill out an online form that has more than three options for gender – M, F, Prefer Not To Say. All of them are lies when it comes to me.

“I really want to state my gender, but I haven’t been given the option! How can we possibly know how many non-binary people are out there when we aren’t even acknowledged? How can the government assume we face no ‘specific detriment’ when the very tools they use to determine that are designed to shut us out?”

Photo credit: Rowland Goodbody
Editing: Rowland Goodbody and Harriet Evans

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