“I’m tired of not being enough of either part of my mixed race identity.

“It’s not as simple as being half Chinese, half British, because I can never be just half of anything. My understanding and experience of each part hasn’t been in isolation, or at the expense, of the other. The sense of who I am, where I belong, and who I can connect to is fragile. Even amongst family I will always be the ‘Chinese’ one here, and the ‘British’ one there, and these labels somehow come to define me and my thoughts. Sometimes I come to represent and take responsibility for all of China or all of the UK in the most simple interactions.

“I’m tired of being the thing that makes me different instead of all the things that make me the same.

“I’m tired of feeling the need to prove my place and legitimacy within a community.”

Photo credit: Harriet Evans and Oxford Skin Deep
Photo editing: Harriet Evans

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