“The idea of ‘being a feminist’ all too often goes with the image of a man-hating, bra burning woman who never shaves, lest she is a victim of ‘submitting to the patriarchy’. Feminism is only about gender equality. Its portrayal on social media has led to a stigma that I believe is toxic to the compassionate aims of true feminism – when there is complete equality between men and women, everyone stands to gain.

“The trends #meninism and #Idontneedfeminism have flourished on twitter, because millions of women across the world “have not been victims”, or “do not feel any prejudices against [them]”. This selfish attitude in the ‘developed world’ utterly belittles the female struggle in countries where women cannot even get an education or vote.

“I hope that one day, everyone will realise that feminism hurts no one, but promotes love and respect towards everyone in this world.

“I am a feminist. I shave my legs and wear makeup. I am a feminist. Women and men are not yet equal. I am a feminist. Everyone else should be too.”

Photo credit: Paula Akpan
Editing: Ming Au

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