“I feel like I am constantly justifying my confidence. In friendships, in professional settings, everywhere I go. It’s as if, because I am plus size, I am not allowed to be confident. Then, on top of that, I am a woman. A strong, confident woman. It’s a very dangerous way to identify oneself. I get called out for just stating my opinion, consequently labelled as “aggressive”. I speak in a matter-of-fact manner and I am told I am a bitch. I demand respect and it is deemed as rude. I am passionate and sometimes my voice rises and people feel under attack. Why is it that the worst is always assumed in me?

“Here’s the thing; I’m not sorry for knowing I’m beautiful. I’m not sorry that I know I have a voice. A voice that matters. I’m not sorry – so why does society make me feel like I have to be? A confident woman is one thing, a FAT confident one is another.

“Women, no matter skinny, short, tall, fat, whatever, we are allowed to be strong. We are allowed to love ourselves. We are capable of running the show. We do not have to apologize for any of it.”

Photo credit: Arielle Pina
Editing: Harriet Evans

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